Experience the Best – Summer School 2017

If you are a fifteen time world champion or have never been recalled before – it does not matter. Once you enter these doors you are part of the one team

Padraic Moyles, Associate Director, Riverdance


Following the tremendously successful summer schools in Dublin over the last two years, the prestigious Riverdance Summer School will be held in two university locations in Summer 2017: Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland and Boston University, Boston, USA.

The Riverdance Summer School creates a world-class learning environment for students and helps prepare them for life as a professional Irish dancer, as well as life in general. As the brand leader in professional Irish dance entertainment, nobody knows this industry, and what it takes to succeed, better than the people employed and associated with Riverdance. With that unique knowledge and experience, the Riverdance team creates a learning environment which motivates, inspires and encourages the next generation of talented Irish dancers. The students are educated on nutrition, sports psychology, fitness and stage performance. The school creates a team environment which encourages the students to chase their dreams and to do what they are passionate about. The school also has strong emphasis on mindset, goal setting, leadership and team work.

The plan for the Riverdance summer school was that it would have a presence in North America as well as the home base in Dublin. So in July 2017 the Summer School will open at Boston University, MA, USA and will also run at Trinity College Dublin.

Boston was a natural choice as Riverdance the Show has be welcomed there over the years by a very enthusiastic audiences and Massachusetts has a very large Irish dance community. Boston University’s state of the art facilities and impressive global reputation makes a perfect collaboration for the summer school.

The Riverdance Trinity College Dublin International Summer School, takes place again in 2017 in the heart of Riverdance’s hometown, Dublin. Dancers yet again get the opportunity to immerse themselves in Riverdance, working with some of the best Irish dancers in the world and the opportunity to see their instructors perform on the Gaiety Theatre Stage.