Who should apply?

Thinking of applying for the Riverdance Summer School?
Padraic Moyles, Riverdance Associate Director and Course Director for the Summer School talks about who should apply, the school’s activities and what the school strives to achieve for all those who take part.

One response to “Who should apply?

  1. I really like to apply to be a part of Riverdance. I really want to do learn and do Irish dancing. I am 37 now right now next year I will be 38. I do really like Irish dancing after seeing it makes me really want to do Irish dancing.
    The only real dancing I have done so far is ballet. And hip hop/jazz I like to be in Riverdance yes I really would. I CAN surprise people with my dancing. I really love dancing in general. I know I would have to fly to Boston to do Irish dancing and be a part of Riverdance. I really don’t like to fly. People laugh me because I am afraid to fly yes they do.

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