Meghan Lucey


Riverdance Dancer and Summer School Mentor / Chaperone

Meghan joined Riverdance in 2007, touring extensively throughout North America, Europe and China. Meghan is a certified TCRG with An Coimisiun Le Rinci Gaelacha in Dublin and now co-owns her own school, The Brennan-Lucey Academy, in Connecticut USA ( Read more ……)

Padraic Moyles


Padraic is the Associate Director of Riverdance and Heartbeat of Home and the Course Director of the Riverdance Summer School (Read more…)

Chloey Turner


Riverdance Principal Dancer and Summer School Instructor
Touring the world as a principal dancer with Riverdance for ten years, Chloey developed a stronger appreciation for the athleticism required to be a professional dancer and became certified as a personal trainer and has has created CUT, a fitness apparel line for the Irish dancing community (Read more….)