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Riverdance Summer School
Experience the Best

The Riverdance Summer School  takes place in the heart of Boston on the prestigious Boston University campus.

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Week One

Monday July 15th to Saturday July 20th, 2024

Week Two

Monday July 22nd to Saturday July 27th, 2024

Course Fee

Accommodation Package

For the six days of the Riverdance Summer School the dancers are immersed in Riverdance with an exciting schedule of classes and activities.

The summer school program is taught by the Riverdance professional dancers, the best dance professionals in the world. Through the summer school they nurture and guide the students to understand all that is required to become a successful professional dancer.

Classes take place Monday-Friday from 9:00 am – 5:30 pm daily at the Fitness and Recreation Center.

The students learn the iconic Riverdance choreography for each of numbers in the show.

They train in all aspects of professional dance from nutrition to fitness and general personal management to prepare for a working life as a performer.

The program includes interactive presentations from dance and fitness experts on strength and conditioning, nutrition, sports psychology and fitness.

The students gain insight into the choreography of new dance numbers and into the production of a live performance on stage. On completion of the summer school, they have gained a wealth of knowledge about the industry.

The finale of the summer school is the fully staged rehearsed performance of extracts from Riverdance featuring all the students. This performance takes place in front of an audience of family and friends at the Tsai Performance Center.

Riverdance Audition

The summer school is the main route for dancers, aged eighteen and older to audition for Riverdance.  Auditioning over the course of a week provides the dancers a fairer opportunity to showcase their talents and their work ethic and abilities. These are traits are key to becoming a member of Riverdance.


The scholarships are awarded to students based on the scholarship essay or video submitted and on their dance ability. The scholarships are awarded once all places at the school are confirmed.

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